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shameless self-promotion.

1. I have a new blog. It's not replacing this one; it's not really about personal stuff, but more about stuff I want to share with the world (music books, hopefully witty outlooks on life, etc.) I might double-post some of the stuff here. But here's the address if anyone wants to check it out... I don't think it has many readers right now. haha.

2. I think I said this already, but I had an article published in my college paper last week. Here's the link if anyone wants to read it... I think it's pretty good myself. :) Oh, and the punctuation error in the first sentence is theirs, not mine. And I know the title is lame but I didn't come up with it.

3. The Office and Grey's tonight! I'm so pulling for George and Callie to make it. I like Izzie, but I don't like her and George together. Plus, Sara Ramirez is freaking amazing this season.

4. I made the most amazing dinner tonight, oh my gosh. Shell pasta in garlic sauce with lots of broccoli. And a piece of pumpkin bread with cream cheese on the side. (Okay, so the pasta and sauce came out of a box. And the broccoli was straight out of the freezer. And my mom actually baked the pumpkin bread. So it didn't really take all that much cooking skill. But it was still one of my favorite meals ever.)

5. So... my roommate got hit by a car on Tuesday night. She was walking across campus and a car slowed down at an intersection but didn't stop for her. He got out of his car to ask her if she was okay and turns out it was some professor. Anyways, she didn't think anything was wrong when it happened but yesterday morning she woke up and her leg hurt really bad, so she went to the hospital and turns out they think she has a soft tissue bruise on her quad. So she is on crutches for the next few days. I feel so bad for her, crutches suck! We've been driving her to her classes so at least she's not having to walk on them too much. Anyways, please keep her in your prayers.

6. I can hear a bunch of people in my common room talking and I want to go hang out. But I've been really productive tonight and I know I won't get any more work done if I go out there, so I'm going to be a hermit in my room for the next 53 minutes and hopefully finish this reading. Bye!

P.S... new icon. I LOVE CREED. That's all.
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