youthoughtwr0ng (youthoughtwr0ng) wrote,

take some music.

it's music sharing time. :)

1. mrs. potter's lullaby // counting crows
this song is amazing. i've become a huge fan of counting crows lately-- they're just one of those bands that has all the bases covered. catchy melodies, yet their lyrics are so filled with emotion.

2. like i love you // amy grant
this is one of my favorite songs of all time. it's on my "wedding" playlist (yes, i'm a dork. haha). but it's very beautiful and comforting and i just love it.

3. cold as you // taylor swift
i have never had one song so accurately describe something that's happened to me in real life. it's kind of scary.
(okay so i fail at life... i downloaded this cd off itunes so i don't have it in mp3 format. and i really don't feel like burning a cd at this time. so i'll put this one up soon... you can im me at allicat2468 or leave a comment if you want it!)

4. 1973 // james blunt
if this is any indication of what the rest of his new album is like, i'm very impressed. it's fun and upbeat, which is a little different for him.

5. mona lisas // sister hazel
it's from their new "b-sides" album, which is basically all the songs that didn't make the cut onto their other albums. but this is one of the few that i seriously can't believe didn't make it.

6. me & julio down by the schoolyard // simon and garfunkel
it's from the concert in central park album, which is one of my favorite albums ever. they're doing a song that paul originally did solo, but this version is way better.
BY THE WAY- i'm going to see art garfunkel at uab in april. i am so freaking excited...

7. rapunzel // dave matthews band
i love dave. and this one is just fun.

8. norwegian wood (this bird has flown) // the beatles
i just like to listen to this one and laugh at its silliness. it's pretty too though.

9. mosquito // sister hazel
i love this one because it's so angry. a little edgier than most of their stuff, yet still awesome.

please take these! and comment if you do... i'm curious to what people like and don't like.
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